Warex Online-Katalog


Warex valves are since more than 50 years a paragon of reliable and reasonable flaps. World-wide WAREX Valves are used in the most different process arrangements problem-free and successfully and have developed themselves into an undisputed quality notion.

Whether in the chemistry, the food or the pharmaceutical industry, the process plant as well as container construction WAREX Valves have also proved themselves with rougher operating conditions and problematic application cases since a lot of years very well.

Warex Valve Philosophy

  • Customer advisory service
  • inquiry sight and examine
  • bring in decade-long experience (team discussion)
  • calculate and create application-specific construction
  • in accordance with the operational demands build corresponding valve
  • on request customer's care during the installation phase and introduction

Good is not well enough a maximum in quality is our obligation

The high demands of the industry and the process engineering and the constantly developing criteria in the process arrangements of the Chemical industry require reliable armatures reliable in service. We position ourselves to the challenges and solve this experience decade-long by conversion and future-oriented innovation of our assistants. In our work we aim at an important and lasting appreciation for our customers. The quality of our work must be enough for the highest demands. We reach this by constant improvement of our products, continuous learning process and exceptional customer's orientation.