Wafer Type Swing Check Valve

Wafer Type Swing Check Valve DRK

Swing Check Valves are Valves for return flow prevention in piping systems. Easy structures and short dimensions are the remarkable features of Swing Check Valves. They are constructed to be mounted directly between flanges acc. to DIN. Swing Check Valves of type DRK-DRKF are suitable for industrial employment in piping systems for transport of liquid and gaseous fluids of group 1 (explosive, inflammable, toxic, incendiary) and group 2 (all other) according to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. They are not suitable for media with solid components.

The Swing Check Valves are automatically held in a central position by the flange connection screws. An O-ring seals the equipment and protects it from external effects. Therefore, we recommend using flanges with clean sealing surfaces. Swing Check Valves require a low opening pressure. The resulting opening power directs the Valve against a spring and the Valve’s weight power, so that the media is released. If the initial pressure is higher than the entrance pressure, the Valve closes and is sealed by the O-ring to protect it from the media.

steel A 216 (WCB) zinc plated, steel 1.0460 (C22.8) zinc plated, stainless steel CF8M / AISI 316 Ti, alu bronze 2.0975
steel 1A216 (WCB) zinc plated, stainless steel AISI316 L / AISI 316 Ti, alu bronze 2.0975
stainless steel AISI 304 / AISI 303 / AISI 316 / AISI 316 Ti / AISI 316 L, alu bronze 2.0975
Spring reset/Spring:
stainless steel , hastelloy C4 (2.4610)
NBR, EPDM, FPM, PTFE, metal seated
  1. Body
  2. Disc
  3. O-Ring
  4. O-Rings
  5. Pin for spring
  6. Spring
  7. Screws
  8. Screws
  9. Ring screw


Swing Check Valve for pipings to be fitted between flanges according to DIN 2501.

  • Range of Nominal Widths: DN 32 – DN 600
  • Operating Temperature: – 40°C bis + 300°C*

* Operational limitations depend on nominal width, temperature and composite materials. Crucial are the parameters set in the confirmation.


16. – 17.06.2021