Double Flap Systems

Double Flap System DTS

A differentiation within Double Flap Systems can be made between tact and pressure locks. The Tact Sluices are used normally within lower pressure
differences as an inlet or outlet system. They consist of a combination of two Shut-Off Valves with a surge drum. A ventilation system is installed additionally with the pressure and vacuum locks so as to allow a completely pressureless opening or closing of the Valves. Application areas are here e.g. the output from vacuum dryers. The result in combination with the APS Valves (air-pressure-sealing) is a very high vacuum tightness.

  • In comparison to Rotary Valves lower leakage air
  • In combination with APS Valves (Air-PressureSealing) very good vacuum tightness and minimized wear
  • Manufacturing of the surge drums according to customer specification, also available with hand hole or sight glass
  • Seals on-site exchangeable (exception vulcanized construction)
  • Also available in EX version for the application in zone 0 / 20, EC-Type-Examination depending on the used Shut-Off Valves
  • Also available with white FDA conform seals (condition: dusts with a minimum ignition energy from greater than 3 mJ)
  • Shafts and armature head qualified for the construction of the different drive possibilities, cutting
    sites after DIN / ISO 5211
Surge drum
steel, stainless steel according to customer requirement
  1. Container
  2. Butterfly Valve, type: DKZ 110 DZ
  3. Butterfly Valve, type: DKZ 103 DZ
  4. Butterfly Valve, type: DKZ 110 APS®
  5. Butterfly Valve, type: DKZE 110 APS®


For discharging and dosing of bulk materials from silos, storage bins, sifters, filters, cyclones, etc.

  • Range of Nominal Widths: DN 50 – DN 600
  • Chamber volume: 0,5 ltr. – 300 ltr.
  • Differential Pressure: max. 6 bar*
  • Connection: PN 6 – PN 16 ANSI 150 lbs.
  • Lock operations: max. 10 / min., depends on nominal width
  • Dosing weighers, bagging lines, etc.
  • Systems with high security requirements for a dust explosion decoupling –
    see chapter Protection System
  • Systems where highly abrasive media is discharged or dosed,
    in which a gas-tight shut-off is required

* Operational limitations depend on nominal width, temperature and composite materials. Crucial are the parameters set in the confirmation.


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